Older Updates


1. New game mode called Night Mode.
It has a night sky. Enemies have a darker red color in the game mode, added a flashlight, and overall a bit harder.
2. Bullet speed has been upped from 5000 to 10000.
3. Normal Mode's terrain and sky has been changed to pink.
4. Fixed the gun sound from playing in between waves.

1. Changed up the whole terrain.
2. Changed up the location of the enemy spawners.
3. Added a UMP-45 into Normal Mode, but you have to find it yourself.
4. Changed up a bit of the lighting

{Update 0.6}

1. Changed the way that the bullets shoot.
2. Instead of the bullets getting deleted every wave, they now get deleted after 5 seconds.
This will save up a lot of space, and will handle the game better.

1. Changed Night Mode's Field Of View from 60 to 80.
2. Added red fog to Night Mode.
3. Now displays the version number of the game.
4. Fixed the water not scaled properly
5. Now displays my logo at start up.

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